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The Ask… Is it your “spot on the wall”?

Of the 2.1 million charities doing business in the United States, most enter the new year without an ask strategy. We don’t take the time to develop our 7-figure, 6-figure and 5-figure asks. We don’t have a case for support. We don’t even have a needs list. We get sloppy with our research and do not determine our supporters “donative intent” and giving capacity.

4TH Quarter Checklist – LYBUNTs: Are you making your list and checking it twice?

LYBUNT is an acronym that stands for “last year, but unfortunately not this year.” This is a term used frequently in the fundraising world to represent donors who gave your organization money last year but, who have not given you money yet this year. Fundraisers typically target this group of last year’s donors differently than people who haven’t made a gift at all.

The 4th Quarter Blitz

Yes, it’s that time again. The 4th quarter has arrived and what play are your going to call? By any metric or system of measurement in fund development the last quarter of the year is the most important and the last week of the 4th quarter is by far the most profitable week for any not-for-profit organization. I often refer to this week as “golden week”.

Stop Counting the Money… Major Giving Metrics

Getting donors to sit down with you is a cycle. You have to get the pump primed before most donors say, “yes, let’s meet”. It might take 10 phone calls, 3 voice mail messages, a handwritten note and 2 or 3 actually phone conversations to get a visit. When you interrupt this cycle for one week, two weeks or even, three weeks, guess what? You have to start all over.

Tipping Points in Fundraising

When you have a donor who upgrades their giving, especially those that move dramatically to the 5-figure level, do not just put them through your normal thank you receipting process. Get out of your office and go see them. Get face to face with that donor and thank them. Ask them to explain the decision making process and their trusted advisers that helped them with the decision. Before you know that single gift will blossom into five or six major gifts, but only if you take the time to meet and cultivate real friendships.

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