Roy C. Jones

What I am Thankful for… a year of thanks and giving at THANKSGIVING

I have sat down this year, face to face and personally interviewed 117 major donors. People with hearts that are so unique. People whose careers and businesses are not about amassing wealth. People who believe their purpose for living is giving. They have dedicated homes, careers and businesses to alleviate...

Are You Building Trust With Your Major Donors?

If you want to see your donors step up and start making major investments in your charity or non-proft, then start treating them like you would a business partner or major investor. Meet with them, talk with them, but most importantly listen to them.

4th Quarter Check List – Cancel Christmas Vacations in Your Development Department

Stay open through the holidays. Have at least a few major gift officers in the office that can be making clean-up calls to donors that haven’t given yet this year and thank you calls to donors who make large year-end contributions. They’ll also be available for those last minute calls...