Roy C. Jones

Double Down on SEM to Boost Year End Revenue (plus 8 other great ideas)

... half of all donations happen in 4th quarter, and half of those occur during the month of December, and half of those occur during the last week of December (the golden week), and half of those contributions will happen the last day of December.

Holiday Cookies and Your Website Donations

It's that time of year around my home...  It starts with pumpkin latte's, morphs to pumpkin bread, rolls over to chocolate oatmeal "no bakes" (they are my favorite) and by the time Thanksgiving arrives we are in full Christmas cookie workshop mode. My dear wife, her sisters, my two daughters-in-laws...

The Shinny New Thing in Fundraising… INTEGRATION

Integration is the shinny new thing in fundraising. Integration builds upon the advertising technology pioneered in the 70’s and 80’s we called direct response marketing (DRM). Direct advertising is based upon creating a process to communicate directly with the customer (or donor) and, most importantly, capturing the customer’s contact information...

This Old Dog Has Learned A Few New Tricks….. Multi-channel Giving!

The colorful Lee Atwater was right about one thing that applies to our era today, “listen to your donors”. Donors today are telling you they want more options for giving. We call it integration, but it is critical to give your supporters multiple options for driving them to make their...

Don’t Let “Buddy The Elf” Fix Your Website in December

Successful marketing, even with websites, is about minimizing risk to increase opportunity. Remember, if you are like most charities, half of your annual income is at risk. So even if Buddy The Elf has a great idea to make your website more Christmassy… put Buddy in the mail room and...

Are You Ready for the Golden Week? 8 Steps To Safeguard Your Year-end Fundraising

The best development leaders bear down during the months of November and December to insure that the last week of the year is the most profitable 7-days of the calendar year.

Tee Up Your Next Major Gift ASK: Create personalized video messages from the field

You probably can’t do this for your entire donor base, but imagine how great your donors will feel when your CEO or board chair sends them a personal video greeting and message of thanks from the site of one of your projects.

Internet Guru Challenge – Fundraising “Part Deux”

Internet giving continues to climb, but I contend it is because the other channels are driving traffic to web giving pages, and not because the other channels are lying in a ditch on the information highway.