Roy C. Jones

Double Down on SEM to Boost Year End Revenue (plus 8 other great ideas)

... half of all donations happen in 4th quarter, and half of those occur during the month of December, and half of those occur during the last week of December (the golden week), and half of those contributions will happen the last day of December.

Show Your Donors Some Love – Use Feb. 12 to Say Thank You

Now is the time to let your supporters know how much you appreciate them. February 12 has been named nationwide on social media as Donor Love Day (#donorlove on Twitter).

What I am Thankful for… a year of thanks and giving at THANKSGIVING

I have sat down this year, face to face and personally interviewed 117 major donors. People with hearts that are so unique. People whose careers and businesses are not about amassing wealth. People who believe their purpose for living is giving. They have dedicated homes, careers and businesses to alleviate...

How 100 Cups of Coffee Could Save Your Charity

...a remarkable difference in income occurs by meeting with your financial partners... I personally met with 117 families over the last 12 months. Thanked them for their support. Listend to why they give and then tailored and "ask" based upon their desires, not mine.

Are you preparing your Christmas “check list” in August?

In the month of December, one thing is for sure… if your donor knows that “you a making a list and checking it twice and that you’ll find out soon who’s naughty or nice” they are going to make sure that there is a gift under the tree at your...

Are your board members currently involved in major gift fundraising?

Board members need to get more involved in major donor efforts through sharing, identifying donors, meeting with prospects, introducing their friends to the organization and ensuring the development director has what she needs to be successful.