Roy C. Jones

Show Your Donors Some Love – Use Feb. 12 to Say Thank You

Now is the time to let your supporters know how much you appreciate them. February 12 has been named nationwide on social media as Donor Love Day (#donorlove on Twitter).

4th Quarter Check List – Cancel Christmas Vacations in Your Development Department

Stay open through the holidays. Have at least a few major gift officers in the office that can be making clean-up calls to donors that haven’t given yet this year and thank you calls to donors who make large year-end contributions. They’ll also be available for those last minute calls...

“Where have my donors gone… let’s see, did I remember to say thank you?”

Of the individuals who stop giving to your organization, according to Judith Nichols of Pinpointing Affluence Research, only four out of 100 former donors actually move away or die; 15 have decided to make their gifts to other organizations; 15 are unhappy with your organization; 66 think you don’t care...