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The New Normal for Year End Giving…

The New Normal for Year End Giving…

December has changed for most non-profits, we have just experienced the biggest decline for a December in more than a decade. Volatile stock markets at year end; combined with expensive, divisive political campaigns and new tax implications from one year to the next are forcing most non-profits to rethink the giving calendar. Is this the new normal?

The Most Wonderful Time of Year

The Most Wonderful Time of Year

Holiday Times are Critical to Development I know many fundraising professionals in the development industry that literally take the last six to eight weeks of the year off. They move into autopilot mode. They get off the road and nestle snug in the offices (and beds),...

Year End Fundraising Begins NOW…

One half of all donations received by charity in America occur in the 4th quarter (now the real stats… ) and one half of those gifts are received in the month of December and one half of those gifts occur the last week of December and one half of those gifts happen the last day of December and one half of those gifts happen between 3 and 9 pm on the 31st of December.

Don’t Let “Buddy The Elf” Fix Your Website in December

Successful marketing, even with websites, is about minimizing risk to increase opportunity. Remember, if you are like most charities, half of your annual income is at risk. So even if Buddy The Elf has a great idea to make your website more Christmassy… put Buddy in the mail room and keep him away from the computer screen.

What I am Thankful for… a year of thanks and giving at THANKSGIVING

I have sat down this year, face to face and personally interviewed 117 major donors. People with hearts that are so unique. People whose careers and businesses are not about amassing wealth. People who believe their purpose for living is giving. They have dedicated homes, careers and businesses to alleviate suffering, helping the homeless, feeding the hungry and providing clean, cool water to those who thirst.

4TH Quarter Checklist – LYBUNTs: Are you making your list and checking it twice?

LYBUNT is an acronym that stands for “last year, but unfortunately not this year.” This is a term used frequently in the fundraising world to represent donors who gave your organization money last year but, who have not given you money yet this year. Fundraisers typically target this group of last year’s donors differently than people who haven’t made a gift at all.

The 4th Quarter Blitz

Yes, it’s that time again. The 4th quarter has arrived and what play are your going to call? By any metric or system of measurement in fund development the last quarter of the year is the most important and the last week of the 4th quarter is by far the most profitable week for any not-for-profit organization. I often refer to this week as “golden week”.

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