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Tee Up Your Next Major Gift ASK: Create personalized video messages from the field

 From “Rainmaking: The Fundraisers Guide to Landing Big Gifts” on page 100…

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Roy C. Jones, CFRE
Roy C. Jones, CFRE

You probably can’t do this for your entire donor base, but imagine how great your donors will feel when your CEO or board chair sends them a personal video greeting and message of thanks from the site of one of your projects.

If you work with inner-city youth, film a thank you message on the street in the community you serve, bringing some of the children and parents together to make it even more special. If you work in international relief, film your message from a village you’re working in. You can film in your clinic, your school, and any other relevant place that will really bring the impact to life for your donor.

As long as your message is appreciative and authentic, donors will love it.  Many of my major gift officer even post on social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Roy C. Jones, CFRE
Roy C. Jones, CFRE

The key here is personalization. Don’t record a generic message that can be sent to all donors. Record messages to specific donors, calling them by name.

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