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Embracing DEI: A Mandate and Responsibility to Empower ALL

Get Fundraising Fit! TV and Radio Fundraising (DRTV)

Shriners Children’s has used a DRTV strategy to build a mega charity to help children with health care. Today they pull back the curtain to show small to mid-size nonprofits how to use regional TV and Radio to acquire new donors. Adding DRTV, radio and radiothons is no longer out of reach for nonprofits. The explosive growth of streaming both TV and radio program has made now acquisition affordable for nonprofits who thought it was out of reach.

Embracing DEI: A Mandate and Responsibility to Empower ALL

Get Fundraising Fit! How to Start Your Own Nonprofit

The Nightbirde Foundation tells how they launched a nonprofit that has more than one million followers and raised millions of dollars in just 18 months to provide hope and healing to women going through the cancer journey. You will find out what to do to start your foundation and obstacles you should avoid.

You Must Meet with Donors

You Must Meet with Donors

Before a donor increases giving to the 5-figure level they usually want to meet with someone. It is about stewardship. Most people who make transformational gifts want to meet to ensure that every dollar they invest in your organization has a real impact.

Segmentation: Use it or Lose it

Segmentation: Use it or Lose it

"A donor segment is a group of donors or prospects who require similar fundraising communications according to the information that categorizes them... Our charity uses segmentation for reporting results." I recently asked a fundraising professional if his charity...

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