Fit Fundraising has provided nonprofit leadership training, wealth research & donor file analysis, and innovative fundraising solutions to some of the nation’s top charities. The agency stands ready to help you and your nonprofit, including training and coaching to make the most of the work you do for others. Let’s go!


Fund Development Training Program. Multiple day intensives on site; The course can be customized to meet each client’s needs. The full program is 8 hours in the classroom; 4 hours practicum placing donor calls/scheduling meetings; 4 hours in the field doing donor visits with staff.

Weekly Coaching. Weekly engagement. Weekly Activity Report; Monthly Report Card.
Coaching does not normally begin until after the training program has been implemented.


Donor File Assessment. Find the problems using segmentation; identify what level your donors are lapsing; highlight the areas of the file that are working well; rank and score your donors based upon who are your best major gift prospects on both giving and capacity research.

Wealth Research. Identify donors based on wealth and giving capacity, then overlay with giving level; identify whom you should meet face to face with and in what order.

Development Staff Assessment. (free with Training Program purchase) Individual meetings with the team doing development: including paid staff; volunteers and selected board members. Offer a plan/recommendations for staff structure and process.


Direct Mail Creative, Design and Production Management. Specializing in mid-major donor development. Costs based upon quantity and design. Retainer fee for creative and production management.

Offer development audit/planning. (free with a contract to do mid-major or direct mail/email production) It takes big offers to get big gifts. We will help you with the annual plan for Mid-major donor communications, events, and engagement

Capital Campaign Feasibility Study Design / Case for Support Development. (FREE with a contract to conduct the feasibility study and capital campaign management) The feasibility study and case for support are essential tools to building a successful capital campaign. Get these two elements wrong and your campaign is sure to fail. Fit Fundraising will help you get it done right and get your team ready to succeed.

Capital Campaign Oversight w/study ranging from 100 to 250 Interviews. Fit Fundraising can help you launch a successful campaign. Our feasibility studies will help determine if the timing is right for your nonprofit and community, and as important, we will use this process to identify your top prospects for 5, 6 and 7-figure gifts to your campaign. Service includes Weekly Coaching Calls; Weekly Activity Report; Monthly Report Card. We will be engaged through the length of the capital campaign.


Email Marketing and Social Media Campaigns: Create and deploy targeted email and social media campaigns to engage your audience and amplify your message.

Integrated Direct Mail Campaigns: Integrate direct mail with digital marketing efforts, ensuring a cohesive and impactful multi-channel approach for your non-profit.

Annual Marketing Plans and Campaign Templates: Develop strategic annual marketing plans and provide adaptable campaign templates to streamline your marketing efforts and maximize results.

Website Posting and Edits: We also offer services for website content updates and basic page edits, ensuring your online presence remains fresh, relevant, and aligned with your current campaigns and messaging.


Organizational Analysis. We begin by deeply understanding your business through a comprehensive questionnaire. This helps us grasp what sets your company apart and the specific qualities you seek in a candidate.

Prospect Sourcing. Our sourcing process spans various platforms, and we conduct thorough phone and video interviews to ensure candidates meet your criteria. When we spot a standout candidate, we’ll ensure you get a chance to interview them.

Interview Process Administration. We act as an extension of your team, building a rapport with candidates and handling interview scheduling and consultation on best practices. Our goal is to connect you with a talented individual who is eager to grow with your company.

Let us customize our services to maximize your fundraising potential!

Thank you for sharing your story and vision with us. We look forward to partnering with you.

Project Point Person:
Roy Jones, CFRE

What Our Clients Have Said:

“Roy trained my original major gifts team and launched our major giving program, more than four years ago. When I received my first $1.8 million dollar donation, Roy was the first person I thanked for his investment in me. Roy is a confidant, sounding board and friend that I often turn to for coaching and advice in fundraising and leadership. I have him back regularly to train my team. – Dr. Candace L. Gregory, President/CEO, Open Door Mission

“Roy Jones’ leadership has been an incredible asset to our organization. We were shown how to dig into our donor file and cultivate lasting relationships with supporters nationwide. His strategies helped us raise $750,000 in just six weeks, with over 50% coming from lapsed donors. The entire campaign raised $2.5 million. I am forever grateful for his invaluable leadership and friendship. – Dennis Chapman, Chief Development Officer (emeritus), City Union Mission of Kansas City